Family tradition

Elkland, PA, Letter Carrier Terra Beebe displays a mailpiece. Image: Wellsboro Gazette

Elkland, PA, Letter Carrier Terra Beebe and her family have been postal proud for decades.

Beebe joined USPS in 2006, following in the footsteps of her mother, stepfather and an aunt who all worked for the Postal Service.

The job allows her to become part of customers’ daily routines, Beebe told the Wellsboro Gazette this week.

“Customers that know what time of day I’m there usually greet me or wait for me and we chat for a couple of minutes,” she said.

Carriers prepare for their daily deliveries by sorting mail — a process called “casing” — and loading packages and letters onto a truck.

To complete deliveries, carriers use relay boxes to store mail along their routes.

“What a lot of customers may not know about being a carrier is that we don’t always have all of the mail on our person when we walk,” Beebe said. “We do numerous ‘loops’ for a particular area of the town.”

Beebe told the Gazette she hasn’t experienced many strange occurrences on the job, although a dog once followed her around until the animal reached its owners’ home and was let inside.