Time capsule

Dakotas District Sr. Plant Manager Marty Chavez and District Manager Doug Stephens pose with Marilyn Rice after delivering the letter.

Marilyn Rice recently received a special delivery — a letter one of her sisters wrote in 1958.

A Sioux Falls, SD, mail processing clerk discovered the envelope while sorting mail.

Employees learned the letter writer and recipient were sisters who have since died.

A third sister, Rice, lives in Billings, SD.

Dakotas District Manager Doug Stephens and Sr. Plant Manager Marty Chavez hand-delivered the special letter to her.

“It’s nice to have a blast from the past,” Rice said.

Chavez is pleased the delivery was completed.

“While we will likely never know where this letter has been, at least we were able to direct this small piece of history back to the family,” he said.