Next steps

Managers and supervisors should meet with their teams to discuss the Postal Pulse survey results and develop action plans for the future.

Now that the Postal Pulse employee survey results are out, it’s time for managers and supervisors to share the data with their teams and begin action planning.

The survey measures engagement, which refers to employees’ involvement, enthusiasm and commitment to their organization.

“The art of engaging our employees and following the established principles of engagement is not a process. It’s a movement,” said Employee Engagement Executive Director Kelvin Williams.

Managers and supervisors should share the results with their employees through “state of the team” conversations. These meetings, which should also include a brief analysis of the results, must be completed by May 24.

Additionally, each team is responsible for identifying opportunities for improvement and creating action plans to meet these goals. These plans must be completed by June 6.

This process draws upon the 12 principles of engagement developed by Gallup, the organization that conducts the Postal Pulse survey.

Managers, supervisors and employees should follow this process after each survey. The next survey is slated to be administered this summer.

The Employee Engagement LiteBlue site has additional information. Employees with questions should email the engagement team.