Delivering help

Detroit Letter Carrier Marlon Williams rushed to the aid of a family following a dog attack. Image: WJBK-TV

Detroit Letter Carrier Marlon Williams received widespread praise this week after he rescued a family from an attacking dog.

While delivering mail last month, Williams heard screams and gunshots coming from a nearby home. After determining it was safe, he approached the house.

A woman came outside and told Williams that she shot her dog after the animal attacked her and her father. The man was in the basement, bleeding from the neck, so Williams went inside to help.

“It was blood everywhere and I put the pressure by his neck and I kept the blood from flowing out,” Williams told the local Fox station.

Emergency responders arrived after a neighbor called 911. The victims, identified by the TV station as Don and Jessica, are now recovering from their wounds.

Both expressed appreciation for Williams’ assistance.

“He did a very good job. We’re thankful,” Jessica said.

The station aired the story as part of its coverage of National Dog Bite Prevention Week. A Facebook post about the report received more than 500 shares.

Despite the praise, Williams doesn’t consider himself a hero.

“I was just there at the right time,” he said.