Postal matrimony

USPS customers Carl Smith (fifth from left) and Charlotte Trice (eighth from left) were recently married facing her mailbox, where they’d met 15 months earlier.

When it comes to finding a mate, your mailbox may be just as good as anywhere else.

Ask USPS customers Carl Smith and Charlotte Trice — who met, fell in love and wed at her mailbox, a local news affiliate recently reported.

They had walked past each other on the street many times while Smith was walking his dogs and one day, while retrieving items from her mailbox, Trice decided to say “Hi”.

After exchanging names and talking for 20 minutes, Smith told Trice he would call her later.

He did, and over the next few months, the couple talked constantly. “We really got to know each other,” said Trice. They began walking their dogs together regularly – 4.5 miles each day.

The more they learned about each other, the more they wanted to be together.

When Smith popped the question, Trice said yes.

They were married while facing Trice’s mailbox, where they’d met just 15 months earlier. “It was great,” she said.

Trice said, if she hadn’t spoken up or had picked up her mail at a later time, she may not have ever talked to Smith.

Fortunately for them, the mailbox was there.