Postal perspective

An assortment of postcards.

Before Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email there were…postcards.

Postcards used to be the go-to quick and easy option for those wishing to stay in touch with friends and family. They revolutionized the way individuals communicated in the early 20th century for only a penny according to a recent news report.

“It was like the email of the day,” said Laurel, MD Historical Society member Ned Fowler.

Historical societies and museums are interested in showcasing these early postcards. A new exhibit called, “Wish You Were Here!” opens Memorial Day weekend in Delaware, at the Rehoboth Beach Museum.

“It is an important piece of our local history,” Nancy Alexander, executive director of the museum. 

Postcards also showcased important pieces of other communities as well.

“They give us wonderful documentation of a certain place in time,” said Fowler.