Mission critical

CIO Kristin Seaver addresses managers and executives at the CIO leadership conference.

Chief Information Officer (CIO) Kristin Seaver urged managers and executives to stay mission-focused during a recent CIO leadership conference.

Seaver, who was appointed CIO in April, outlined her vision to align technology with USPS business goals and deliver exceptional customer service.

CIO executives discussed the current state of their organization and how to ensure it remains “future ready” to meet the needs of employees.

“We must engage and empower our employees,” said Seaver. “The real power of technology and information is how it enhances the value of our people and our products.”

Eastern Area VP Joshua Colin and Great Lakes Area VP Jakki Krage Strako echoed this and addressed challenges in promoting technology to improve operations in their areas.

“We have to show the benefits and power of our analytics tools to ensure higher adoption rates,” said Seaver.

Seaver and Chief Information Security Officer Randy Miskanic discussed how to best protect employees from cybersecurity threats; including hacking, stolen credentials and malware.

“We all play a major role in securing our information and assets,” said Seaver.