Upward mobility

Employees at the Kansas City, MO, P&DC discuss potential career advancement opportunities at a recent networking event.

The Kansas City, MO, Processing and Distribution Center recently hosted a speed networking event to help USPS employees learn about career advancement.

The event allowed employees to spend a 5-minute one-on-one session with senior executives and managers discussing their career goals.

“The focus of the event was networking, career advancement and having fun,” said Mid-America District Learning Development and Diversity Manager Janice Moore.

Attendees also talked to managers about interview preparation and career development strategies.

District Human Resources Manager Vicki Wilkins said there was a “phenomenal” turnout. “We’re extremely pleased with the outcome and have already received countless inquiries about when we’ll have the next one.”

During the networking session, participants also took part in mock interviews and received feedback on their eCareer profiles.

“Mid-America’s management team is adamant about investing in future leaders,” said Wilkins. “The participation of senior executives and more than 40 EAS managers at this event demonstrates the district’s commitment to developing and engaging employees.”