VP appointments

Northeast Area VP Edward F. Phelan and Delivery Operations VP Kevin L. McAdams

PMG Megan J. Brennan has announced the appointments of Edward F. Phelan as Northeast Area vice president and Kevin L. McAdams as Delivery Operations vice president.

Phelan oversees all operations in the area, which encompasses several states and has approximately 90,000 employees, 4,000 delivery and retail units and 45 plants.

Phelan, a 37-year employee, has held a variety of positions, most recently serving as Delivery Operations vice president.

He helped the Postal Service test new delivery concepts to support its fast-growing shipping business and paved the way for new vehicles with more cargo for packages.

McAdams is responsible for all aspects of delivery within the Postal Service’s network of 154 million households and businesses.

He joined USPS as a letter sorting machine operator in 1978 and has held several managerial positions, including serving as Capital Metro Area’s operations support manager and acting vice president, as well as several district manager positions.

Phelan and McAdams both report to Chief Operating Officer David Williams. Their appointments took effect last week.