House rules

Charitable solicitation activities that are not affiliated with USPS are prohibited on postal property.

Reminder: Charitable solicitation and sales activities not affiliated with the Postal Service are not allowed on USPS property.

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) activities are the only forms of charitable fundraising permitted on postal property.

Managers should not allow other on-site charitable or promotional activities by non-postal organizations, including mail or telephone solicitation directed to employees.

Prohibited activities include:

  • Conducting promotional or marketing events
  • Distributing or displaying advertising signs, brochure and posters (except on authorized employee notice boards)
  • Maintaining sales or informational booths on USPS property
  • Distributing non-postal advertising materials at new employee orientations

Contract Postal Units, Village Post Offices and other property not owned or controlled by USPS are exempt from this policy.

Employees who have questions should contact their area law department or email the Ethics team.