Keeping current

Information Technology will update email distribution list names June 22.

Information Technology will soon update some of the Postal Service’s email distribution list names.

If a list’s name includes a tilde (~), the tilde will be removed.

If a list’s name has a pound sign (#), the sign will be replaced with an underscore (_).

The process will begin Wednesday, June 22, at 5:30 p.m. EDT and take about one hour to complete. During this period, some email users may be unable to use previously cached email addresses, requiring them to clear their caches.

Once the updates are complete, email users who have created Outlook rules for lists with a tilde or a pound sign may need to delete and recreate these rules.

The membership and ownership of distribution lists will remain the same.

The updates are necessary to keep current with Microsoft Outlook naming convention support. Information Technology will send email users instructions about clearing the Outlook email cache and updating Outlook rules.

Employees who have questions should email IT.