Loss prevention

Cambridge, MD, Retail Associate Laurie Dean helped foil a scam recently.

A USPS employee is receiving praise after she helped foil a scam at the Cambridge, MD, Post Office this month.

Retail Associate Laurie Dean became suspicious when a woman tried to cash a $1,000 money order.

Dean recalled the tips she’d learned from the Inspection Service on detecting counterfeit money orders. She also didn’t recognize the woman.

“I know my customers, and I had never seen this person before,” said Dean. “She presented a New York driver’s license, but said her address wasn’t the same as on her identification.”

Dean took the money order to Postmaster Phil Wood, who held it up to the light and verified it was altered.

To get information, Wood told the customer she may be a scam victim.

The woman refused to provide her personal information and left the Post Office.

Dean provided a description of the customer to postal inspectors, who are investigating the incident.