Mass communication

Sioux Falls, SD, Mail Processing Clerk Patrick Buchanan carries a tray of the retailer’s letters.

USPS employees across several states worked together recently when a major retailer used the mail to notify customers about a significant change in its credit card policy.

The retailer worked with Quad/Graphics, one of the nation’s top commercial printers, to produce special First-Class Mail letters announcing the policy change. (Some businesses aren’t named in Link stories to protect the Postal Service’s competitive advantage.)

A fleet of trucks delivered the letters over 10 days to the Sioux Falls, SD, Processing and Distribution Center.

The Sioux Falls Business Mail Entry Unit received 29 trailers containing more than eight million of the retailer’s mailpieces. Employees then went to work processing the letters, dispatching thousands a day.

Approximately 70 percent of the letters were flown to postal facilities in Omaha, NE, and Grand Forks, ND, for distribution. The rest were sent by surface transportation to distribution centers in Salt Lake City, Indianapolis, Chicago and Minneapolis.

More than 200,000 were distributed from Sioux Falls.

The quick turnaround by the Sioux Falls P&DC ensured the retailer’s customers received the letters before the new credit policy took effect.