Southington, CT, Postmaster Jim St. Pierre and City Carrier Assistant Nicole Sinotte.

Southington, CT, City Carrier Assistant Nicole Sinotte is thanking a new safety feature on her Mobile Delivery Device for preventing a dog attack.

Sinotte, who joined USPS six months ago, was approaching a home recently when her hand-held device sounded an alert that a dog was at the address.

“I got my dog spray and satchel ready and started checking my surroundings,” said Sinotte. “The dog came running up behind me and I warned it to stop.”

The dog stopped a few feet from Sinotte and the owner came to retrieve the animal.

The recently deployed warning system is part of a USPS effort to combat dog attacks. The Postal Service introduced the system last month during National Dog Bite Prevention Week.

“The hazard warning works,” said Southington Postmaster Jim St. Pierre. “We have 37 warnings in our system, and it has already prevented a possible bite.”

St. Pierre recalled that some carriers initially questioned whether the warning system worked.

“After this incident, they all believe in it,” he said.