Fast money

Remittance mail is the largest segment of First-Class Mail.

The Postal Service is processing customers’ bill payments faster than it did a year ago, new research shows.

Employees have reduced the amount of time it takes to process this type of mail — also known as “remittance mail” — by approximately 2.6 hours. Remittance mail is the largest segment of First-Class Mail and also includes customers’ orders.

“We strive to deliver world-class service to all of our customers, including those in the remittance industry,” said Chief Operating Officer David Williams. “I applaud our employees for continuing to work hard to make sure we quickly move this important segment of our mail mix.”

The research comes from a twice-yearly survey that measures the time from when a consumer mails a check until the bank makes the cash available. This is the second consecutive survey in which USPS improved its national score.

The latest results show Postal Service employees in Boston process remittance mail in about 38 hours, leading the nation. Employees in Minneapolis had the most improved score, reducing their processing time by more than 4 hours.

The survey is conducted by Phoenix-Hecht, a financial industry research firm.