SpongeBob MailPants

The induction ceremony featured, from left, Allen Kane, director of the National Postal Museum; SpongeBob SquarePants; Sharon Cohen, an executive vice president for Nickelodeon; and Chris Karpenko, the Postal Service’s brand marketing executive director.

The Postal Service has made history again, this time with help from SpongeBob SquarePants.

USPS donated one of its SpongeBob mailboxes to the National Postal Museum last week. The box will become part of the Washington, DC, museum’s education collection.

The Postal Service introduced the boxes in 2013 through a promotion with Nickelodeon. Thirty custom-wrapped SpongeBob mailboxes were placed in 13 cities across the nation.

The boxes were part of a campaign to promote letter writing among children, including showing them how to address an envelope.

The promotion also included 1 million postage-paid postcards distributed through Post Offices and a site where kids could design their own stationery and learn more about mail.

“The response to this initiative was tremendous,” said Brand Marketing Executive Director Chris Karpenko, who spoke at the museum’s induction ceremony.

“Kids love to be creative and they love SpongeBob. So the tie-in was great, and the program was a fantastic example of how the public and private sectors can work together for a worthwhile cause.”

Allen Kane, the museum’s director, thanked USPS for the donation.

“We have 6 million items in the museum’s collection. Today, we have 6 million one,” Kane said.