Painted love

Campbell Goh-Johnson, 11, paints a mailbox to raise money for her ill father. Image: The Columbus Dispatch

On a steamy afternoon, Campbell Goh-Johnson was joined by her mother as they sanded and painted a mailbox post, their sixth so far.

Campbell is as playful as any 11-year-old, but ask her why she’s painting mailbox posts and she’ll launch into an elevator pitch that’s hard to ignore.

“We’re painting mailboxes because my dad has cancer, and I wanted to do something about it,” Campbell told The Columbus Dispatch last week.

And so she is.

Campbell’s father, Geoffrey Johnson, 44, of Marysville, OH, has had surgery and chemotherapy for a recurring brain cancer. Despite good medical insurance, the costs of his illness have left him struggling to keep up with household bills.

Charging $20 per post, Campbell aims to raise $25,000 — an ambitious goal, unless you’re an 11-year-old who would do anything for her father.

Or as Campbell puts it in her youthful simplicity: “I want him to live as long as he can and to live a happy life.”