‘I love my job’

TV news cameras were rolling at the Indianapolis Post Office’s Mapleton station this week when Letter Carrier Howard Stevenson retired after 56 years.

“I love the Post Office and my job,” he told WRTV News. “I really like my customers, who have been with me for quite a while.”

Ceremony attendees included Greater Indiana District Manager Todd Hawkins and Customer Service Operations Manager Christi Johnson-Kennedy.

Stevenson, 76, joined USPS in 1960 and spent most of his career at the Mapleton station.

When asked the secret to his long career, Stevenson replied: “Come to work with a smile on your face every day and you can’t go wrong.”

After receiving his accolades, Stevenson headed out to complete his final route.

“His customers will really miss him,” said Station Manager Marcel Webb.

Stevenson’s wife Norma said her husband will miss the job.

“He loves coming to work each day,” she said. “He always lays out his uniform the night before so he’s prepared for the next day.”