Giddy up

Guernsey, WY, Postmaster Curt Artery said he feels the same pride that Pony Express riders did during the 1860s.

More than 600 riders — including Postal Service employees and their relatives — recently re-enacted the Pony Express through a non-stop gallop from California to Missouri.

The exercise highlighted the historic significance of the Pony Express, which allowed riders to move mail in the west from 1860-1861.

Participants also wanted to underscore the Postal Service’s ongoing role in connecting the nation.

“The riders had a real dedication to delivering the mail. They hurried between point A and point B, and that’s the same pride we have,” said Guernsey, WY, Postmaster Curt Artery, one of the riders and a veteran re-enactor.

Participants had experiences similar to the original Pony Express riders.

“Pot holes, gopher holes, rattlesnakes and wire all are threats. You have to stay in the middle in the saddle,” said Elana Heer, 16, daughter of Guernsey Retail Associate Jane Heer.

Another rider, Kayla Foster, has been participating in the re-enactments for 11 years. She appreciates the opportunity to remind other young people of the importance of mail.

“The mail was the only way of communication,” she said. “Through this, I’m trying to tell that message to others my age.”