Got your box?

USPS is holding an employee contest in July to drive Post Office Box sales.

USPS is holding an employee contest from July 2-Aug. 5 to see which offices have the most Post Office Box sales.

Employees must enter at least two boxes to qualify for weekly prizes. Grand prizes will be awarded to the offices with the most PO Box sales during the 5-week open period.

“This is a great opportunity to reward hard-working employees in a friendly competition,” said Retail and Customer Service Operations VP Kelly Sigmon. “We’re showing that manpower can create a high return in sales.”

There will be 42 weekly winners who will be entered to win $50-$100 gift cards. Twenty-one grand prize winners will be eligible to win $150-$500 gift cards.

Winners will be announced each week following the prior week’s sales.

Offices that sell ReadyPost are eligible for the contest. All new boxes must be entered into the Web Box Activity Tracking System (WebBATS). Employees must select the “promotions” box on the payment screen to be entered into the contest.

Program posters will be mailed to eligible offices in the coming days. Employees with questions should email Sr. Retail Services Specialist Joyce Fleming.