Speak up

Poster 204 is part of the OIG’s ongoing efforts to encourage employees to report wrongdoing within the USPS system.

Postal Service workplaces will soon receive a new poster that encourages employees to report fraud, crimes and other forms of misconduct.

Poster 204 is distributed by the Office of Inspector General (OIG), an independent agency that conducts investigations and audits postal programs.

The poster is part of the OIG’s efforts to ensure efficiency and integrity within USPS. The poster states, “Integrity begins with you.”

A hotline (888-877-7644) and site to report wrongdoing are also listed.

The OIG is asking postal facilities to display the poster prominently. Additional copies can be obtained at no cost to facilities from the Topeka, KS, Asset Management Center.

Previous versions of Poster 204 should be recycled.