Taking care of business

USPS can help businesses of all sizes meet their package delivery needs, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Jim Cochrane says.

The Postal Service is uniquely qualified to help businesses put their products in consumers’ hands, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Jim Cochrane says.

“We go everywhere. We knock on 153 million doors every day to deliver the mail,” Cochrane tells Federal News Radio in a new interview.

It isn’t cost effective for other shippers to deliver parcels to far-flung locations.

“But for us, adding some packages to our mail deliveries makes us a little more efficient. It’s core to who we are,” Cochrane says.

USPS touts its advantages through TV ads, direct mailings, digital marketing and other means.

The newest campaign uses the tag line “your business becomes our business” and shows how USPS serves everyone from large retailers to small businesses.

“They’re all important to us,” Cochrane says.

Mail can even help businesses complete sales that begin online.

“If you abandon a shopping cart online, don’t be surprised if you get a postcard in a few days with an offer on what you abandoned,” Cochrane says.

The interview is one of several recent USPS-themed segments from Federal News Radio.

Other interviews have featured Gary Reblin, New Products and Innovation vice president, and Guy Cottrell, chief postal inspector.