Information, please

Postal Service leaders gather with the latest recipients of the Chief FOIA Officer Awards. From left: Jennifer Lynch, DPMG Ron Stroman, Junemarie Brandt, Anthony Alverno, General Counsel Tom Marshall, Sheila Dawson, Stephen Kochersperger, Annette Raney, Chief FOIA Officer Mike Elston and Chief Financial Officer Joe Corbett. Tony Joy is shown in the inset photo.

The Postal Service recently honored seven employees who efficiently fulfilled Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests from news media outlets and other organizations.

The honorees are:

  • Anthony Alverno, a global business attorney in Legal
  • Junemarie Brandt, a research analyst in the Historian’s Office
  • Sheila Dawson, a contractor in the Privacy and Records Office
  • Tony Joy, a Consumer and Industry contact manager
  • Stephen Kochersperger, senior research analyst in the Historian’s Office
  • Jennifer Lynch, the Postal Service’s historian
  • Annette Raney, an integration and support manager in Finance

Dawson is based in Merrifield, VA, and Joy works Jacksonville, FL. The other honorees are based at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC.

The employees received recognition through the Chief FOIA Officer Awards, a quarterly program that honors employees who fulfill requests in a timely manner.

Under the 1966 FOIA law, the public can request documents, emails and government records from federal agencies.

The Freedom of Information Act Blue page has more information.