Security briefing

Chief Postal Inspector Guy Cottrell and Erica-Marie Sanchez appear on WWLL-TV in New Orleans recently to promote “The Inspectors.”

Viewers tuning in for the second season of the “The Inspectors” can expect the same quality content as the first, according to Chief Postal Inspector Guy Cottrell.

Cottrell and Erica-Marie Sanchez, who plays Veronica on the CBS drama, recently appeared on a New Orleans TV news program to promote “The Inspectors’” fall return.

“[The show] is an opportunity for us to educate and make the public aware of the various schemes that can be out there,” said Cottrell, who began his career as a letter carrier in New Orleans.

“The Inspectors” debuted last fall and has received an Emmy Award and other honors for educating the public on scams, fraud and other crimes involving the mail.

“It’s very innovative and out of the box, and as far as we know, no one has done it like this before,” Cottrell said of the Inspection Service’s involvement.

CBS stations air the show at varying times on Saturday mornings. The CBS Dream Team site has local air times and past episodes.