Great success

Great Falls, MT, Letter Carrier Marcus Delgado makes his appointed rounds. Image: Signature Montana Magazine

Postal Service employees in Great Falls, MT, are leading the nation in “lean mail delivery,” an approach that aims to reduce waste and boost efficiency.

The Great Falls Post Office tops a national ranking of facilities that use lean mail delivery techniques. Great Falls, part of Western Area’s Dakotas District, has three delivery units with about 70 letter carriers and city carrier assistants.

Facilities included in the ranking are measured on several lean mail delivery factors, including removing waste and reducing cycling times.

Great Falls’ success is due to “carriers who have stepped up to the plate and the support and guidance of managers,” Postmaster Alan Serfoss told Signature Montana Magazine.

Letter Carrier Marcus Delgado said “the human element” is also important.

For example, Delgado enjoys talking to customers and helping them resolve service issues.

“We’re the first line for their questions,” he said.

Julie Quilliam, another Great Falls letter carrier, said customers continue to enjoy their daily visit from USPS.

“For some people, we’re the highlight of their day,” she said.