Promotional considerations

USPS encourages employees to promote the Breast Cancer Research stamp, although they must adhere to guidelines from the Ethics Office.

The Postal Service has issued new guidance on promotional activities for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is held in October.

Any employee may wear a specialized T-shirt at USPS-sponsored events to promote the Breast Cancer Research stamp.

All T-shirts must be approved in advance, however, by the Ethics Office before being sold or worn by employees at these events.

To request approval, email the following information to with the subject line “BCA Month Request”:

  • Full description of the proposed promotional activity
  • Supervisor or manager responsible for the activity
  • Activity date, time and location
  • Participants
  • Images to appear on T-shirts, fliers, posters or other materials

Employees are encouraged to participate in promotional activities to drive sales of the stamp. A portion of the proceeds benefits cancer research.

Additionally, employees are reminded that seeking donations or holding raffles or contests tied to breast cancer stamp sales is not permitted.

Combined Federal Campaign activities are the only forms of charitable fundraising permitted on postal property.

LiteBlue has a one-sheet document explaining the new guidelines.