USPS employee

The Postal Service employees who appear in the latest Priority: You TV advertising campaign are enjoying their moment in the spotlight.

The commercials emphasize the Postal Service’s commitment to delivering for business customers. The campaign began in March and has continued into the summer.

“It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” said Santa Fe Springs, CA, Letter Carrier Barbara Chilczuk, one of several employees who appear in the ads, as well as a behind-the-scenes video.

Chilczuk and the other employees were selected for the campaign after responding to a USPS casting call earlier in the year.

Alhambra, CA, Letter Carrier Baldomero Dominguez praised USPS for showcasing actual employees in its TV spots.

“[It’s] awesome that they used real carriers, and it was cool to see carriers from all over the country,” he said.

Kevin Castillo, an Alhambra city carrier assistant who is featured in the campaign, said he considers himself “very fortunate” to participate.

Other featured employees include San Angelo, TX, Letter Carrier Megan Beecher and Northbrook, IL, Letter Carrier Carlos Ayala.

Chilczuk said the ads demonstrate anything is possible with USPS.

“Never stop dreaming because you never know when your dream will come true. Mine sure did,” she said.