Money back guarantee

Newport News, VA, Letter Carrier Audrey Cole recently helped return a cash-filled envelope to a customer whose son accidentally mailed it.

Finders aren’t always keepers.

Newport News, VA, Letter Carrier Audrey Cole and Customer Services Supervisor Sabrina Boxton are being praised for helping reunite an unmarked cash-filled envelope with its rightful owner.

Dallas resident Carol Hammer and her family were vacationing in Newport News this month when Hammer’s son mistakenly mailed the envelope along with a postcard.

When Cole later collected the mail, something stood out.

“I noticed there was an envelope — [it] looked like a bank envelope— and I was like, ‘Uh-oh,’” Cole told the local NBC station.

Meanwhile, Hammer had already called and spoken to Boxton, but the situation seemed hopeless — until Cole called Boxton about her discovery.

“I was ecstatic because I know how hard it is to happen,” said Boxton. “I called the customer and gave her the good news and I mailed it to her.”

Hammer is very grateful.

“Big thanks to the ladies at the Hidenwood Postal Station for their honesty, diligence and integrity,” she said.

“They mailed the envelope back to me Priority Mail and when I returned to Dallas, it was waiting for me at home.”