Head of the class

Chicago Letter Carrier Philip Leal scans mail recently in Great Lakes Area, a national leader in First-Class Mail performance.

The Postal Service has made significant improvements in First-Class Mail performance, another example of the efforts to strengthen customer service throughout the organization.

During fiscal 2016’s third quarter (April 1-June 30), USPS raised its First-Class Mail national composite score by more than 6 percentage points.

The score measures on-time deliveries and other service standards for First-Class Mail, which includes envelopes, lightweight packages and other categories.

“Across the nation, our employees are doing an impressive job processing and delivering First-Class Mail pieces,” said Chief Operating Officer Dave Williams. “Customers can rely on USPS for first-class service.”

Among the seven areas, three — Eastern, Great Lakes and Southern — beat the national composite score.

Thirty-seven of the 67 districts also beat the national number. The top three districts were Greater Indiana, Oklahoma and Appalachian.

Great Lakes Area VP Jacqueline M. Krage Strako attributed her area’s success to “leveraging the powerful information from Surface Visibility to drive continuous improvements in our plants and through our transportation network.”

USPS also lifted its national scanning score and improved its Parcel SelectStandard Mail and Priority Mail performance during the third quarter.