LED there be light

Gathering inside the Albany, NY, Post Office lobby are, from left, Rick Nicklaw, maintenance mechanic; Jody Adams, building equipment mechanic; Postmaster Joseph Finan; Christopher Campion, maintenance engineering support manager; and Robert Florio, acting maintenance supervisor.

The Albany, NY, Post Office has a whole new look these days — and the makeover is helping USPS become more sustainable.

Before: The facility’s 24-hour dimly lit lobby made it difficult for customers to see, particularly when accessing PO Boxes at night.

After: Since replacing fluorescent tubes with LED lighting panels, the location is brighter and both customers and employees appreciate the showroom quality appearance.

“There has been a lot of positive feedback. The window clerks hear daily how good it looks,” said Christopher Campion, maintenance engineering support manager.

The LED switch is saving time, too.

Maintenance mechanics used to spend much of the day replacing tubes, which wasn’t convenient during busy business periods. Now there’s no need to change lightbulbs.

The LED panels are controlled with occupancy sensors and guaranteed for 50,000 hours over five years.

“The cost of the project paid for itself in less than a year,” Campion said.

The upgrade has saved almost $6,000 and resulted in the office receiving one of this year’s Postmaster General Sustainability Excellence Awards.

“The electric bill was cut almost in half and the lights are still as bright as the day they were installed,” Campion said.