On a mission

Northeast Area Engagement Ambassador Rita Ridley leads a training session for managers and supervisors this week.

Rita Ridley is always on the road, taking planes, trains and automobiles to get to her next destination.

But she doesn’t mind.

Ridley is one of 26 employees who serve as engagement ambassadors. Their mission: to help 41,000 Postal Service leaders across the nation improve their workplaces.

She’s passionate about her role — and she’s not alone.

“Ambassadors understand and have accepted the tough requirements of this position,” said Ridley, one of three ambassadors in Northeast Area. “But we’re all 100 percent on board and committed to employee engagement.”

Ambassadors travel extensively throughout their assigned areas. Many spend Mondays on the road and then hit the ground running when they arrive at their destination, where they lead classes Tuesdays-Fridays.

Ridley’s classes have about 60 managers and supervisors. The sessions focus on the principles of employee engagement.

“We teach managers that as leaders, we must forge a new culture across the entire organization,” said Ridley, a 28-year USPS veteran and longtime Human Resources employee.

The training gives managers the opportunity to share some of the “struggles within the work environment,” Ridley said. “At the same time, they share stories that make them proud to be USPS employees.”