Be it resolved

Carrier Coordinator Michelle Wakefield and Letter Carrier Regina Wilder, both from Baltimore’s Brooklyn Post Office, verify an address.

Baltimore District is testing a program that allows letter carriers to quickly investigate and resolve package delivery complaints.

The program, a joint collaboration with the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC), is called Where is My Package?

NALC carrier coordinators use USPS data to identify delivery complaints involving participating Post Offices. The coordinators then work with carriers to address the complaints.

Additionally, the coordinators provide carriers with customer service training and feedback on scanner and software issues.

So far, the program has reduced package inquiries at participating sites by 67 percent. After starting at select offices, the program is being expanded to 29 sites.

“It has been a win for our employees and customers,” said Baltimore District Manager Angela Curtis.

The program is one of several throughout the Postal Service that aim to reduce delivery complaints, which account for more than 50 percent of all inquiries received at USPS Customer Care Centers.

Baltimore District’s efforts have added benefits. For example, accidents in participating units have been reduced more than 50 percent.

“Because employees feel more involved, they’re more engaged with every aspect of their work, including safety. Employees are providing feedback, and we’re listening,” Curtis said.