Customer appreciation

Stan Castagnetto and his wife, Laurel Lee, at his surprise retirement party. Image: The Acorn

Stan Castagnetto loved the customers on his route — and he recently learned the feeling was mutual.

When the Agoura Hills, CA, letter carrier retired this month after 30 years, his customers threw him a surprise party.

Linda Kapitz organized the event and estimates that 200 customers came to say farewell.

“Stan is the best mailman ever,” Kapitz told The Acorn newspaper. “We all loved Stan and wanted to say we will miss him.”

Customers shared stories of how Castagnetto touched their lives.

“He knew when I would get special envelopes and he would hand them to me so they wouldn’t get lost,” said one.

Another recalled Castagnetto bringing mail to her door when she had cancer.

Attendees wore name tags with their addresses so the letter carrier would know who they were, but Castagnetto said it wasn’t necessary.

“You are family to me,” he said.

Castagnetto’s wife, Laurel Lee, said her husband loved his job.

“Every time he came home from work, he would always tell me stories and how he enjoyed being the mail carrier,” she said.