No confusion

The Postal Service is updating its online package tracking terminology.

USPS is updating the terminology customers see when they go online to track packages, part of ongoing efforts to simplify Postal Service package tracking.

When customers go to to check the status of a package, the term “Shipping Partner” is used when another business or shipping company has possession of the parcel.

Based on consumer testing, this term frequently left customers confused about the status of their shipment.

Beginning Aug. 28, if a package is coming from one of the Postal Service’s business partners or shipping consolidators, that company’s name will appear alongside the term “Shipping Partner” to provide additional clarity about the status of the package.

The phrase “USPS awaiting item” will also be added to some scan events to show that USPS is not possession of the shipment.

“Package tracking is one of the most important services we offer our customers. We want to make this information as clear as possible so customers can track their packages through every step of the delivery process,” said Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Jim Cochrane.

This is the first of a series of planned improvements to customers’ tracking experiences.