Delivering results

Chief Operating Officer Dave Williams addresses an audience of Western Area employees in Denver last week.

The Postal Service is “delivering great results” for its customers, Chief Operating Officer Dave Williams told employees last week.

During a visit to Western Area’s Denver office, Williams discussed the record results USPS achieved in Standard Mail, Parcel Select and other benchmarks during the third quarter (April 1-June 30).

“We’ve got a tremendous amount of momentum on our side. We’re getting better week over week, which is inspiring,” Williams said.

Other topics addressed:

• Employee development. USPS is focused on developing its next generation of leaders, which Williams called a top priority.

“We’ve got to take responsibility of our personal development and we’ve got to take responsibility to develop others,” Williams said.

• Revenue generation. Although USPS has many financial challenges that are beyond management’s control, revenue generation is not one of them.

“We can control the revenue we bring into the system — and how we keep that revenue is by providing great service and becoming more efficient,” he said.

• Customer service. Employees must ensure every customer has an excellent experience.

“Everything we do has to provide value for our customers. And when we do that, and they have a great experience, it’s what will set us apart from our competitors,” Williams said.