Fast tracking

Chicago City Carrier Assistant Ashley Sallers works on her eCareer profile at a recent career conference organized by Chicago District.

Ashley Sallers wants to build a future with the Postal Service.

The Chicago city carrier assistant, who joined USPS six months ago, was among 100 employees who attended a recent career conference organized by Chicago District.

The meeting included workshops on topics such as career development opportunities and preparing for success.

“I gained a lot of knowledge by attending,” Sallers said.

The conference is one of several held regularly by USPS districts, part of the organization’s efforts to develop its workforce. Employees interested in attending career conferences should contact their local Human Resources office for dates and times.

Sallers found the Chicago meeting’s eCareer workshop particularly useful.

“I know that it would take a strong career profile to get an interview,” said Sallers.

Attendees also had an opportunity to speak one-on-one with senior USPS managers.

Sallers met with Chicago Acting Postmaster Tangela Bush to have her career questions answered and hear the manager’s advice for career advancement.

Would Sallers recommend others attend USPS career conferences?

“Yes,” she said. “I learned so much I didn’t know.”