Mobile messaging

Rachel Weir, a self-described “letter farmer,” stands inside her mobile stationery store. Image: The Seattle Times

Rachel Weir’s red truck is making a name for itself in the Seattle area.

Since July, Weir, a self-described “letter farmer,” has used the vehicle as a mobile writing station to encourage passersby to write to loved ones.

“People are so much more likely to be authentic in their communication when they write a letter,” Weir told The Seattle Times recently.

Weir parks her truck in public places and sets up tables, chairs, postcards and paper and other writing supplies.

She even takes care of postage.

One man wrote to his fiancé to tell her he can’t wait to see her again. Another wrote to his previous employers to thank them for the opportunity.

Weir wants to help people reconnect with writing.

“I have been moved to tears more than once by people saying, ‘I love to write a letter,’ and they’re so happy to be doing it again,” Weir said.

One man came to Seattle for work, but is now homeless. He wrote to his mother to tell her he was OK.

“Just to see my handwriting and know I’m OK will make her day,” he said.