Samsung update

USPS has announced changes affecting the shipment of Samsung Note 7 devices.

The Postal Service will only ship Samsung Note 7 devices via USPS Retail Ground/Parcel Select due to potential safety hazards pertaining to lithium ion batteries.

The change took effect Sept. 2.

USPS has established rules and regulations regarding the mailing of lithium ion batteries both domestically and internationally. Suspect batteries or any damaged device containing lithium-ion must be properly packaged and travel via ground transportation.

These restrictions apply:

  • Mailers must package the smartphone in rigid packaging, such as cardboard or hard plastic boxes. Soft packs and padded envelopes are not acceptable.
  • The Surface Transportation Only label must be affixed to the outside of the package.

Damaged and recalled lithium batteries continue to be prohibited in international mail, including mail to and from Army Post Offices, Fleet Post Offices and Diplomatic Post Offices.

Domestic Mail and International Mail rules and regulations pertaining to lithium batteries are available online.

The Samsung site has additional information.