Inside information

USPS encourages employees to be vigilant against security threats within the organization.

The CyberSafe at USPS team advises employees that in our increasingly complex digital environment, insider threats pose serious security risks.

Insider threats come from employees, former employees, contractors and others who use information about an organization’s security practices and computer systems to cause harm.

These individuals are particularly dangerous because they often can legitimately log into an organization’s network.

To protect USPS, remember these tips:

• Be discrete when dealing with proprietary information. Ensure you send information to the proper recipient and refrain from sharing confidential information on social media or in public places.

If you see co-workers breaking these policies, report them to a supervisor.

• Beware of outsiders. Remember that hackers can hijack your USPS credentials through phishing and malware.

While checking your emails, closely examine the sender and message before clicking on hyperlinks or downloading attachments.

• Know when to monitor suspicious behavior — and when to intervene. To identify employees with malicious intent, look for extreme changes in co-workers’ behavior.

Signs of abnormal activity are the hardest to identify, but critical to the Postal Service’s security.

Report all information security incidents to the CyberSecurity Operations Center by emailing

The CyberSafe at USPS Blue site has more tips.