Eight is enough

Sandusky, MI, City Carrier Assistant Max Martin delivers a package, one of several USPS services praised this week by the Houston Chronicle.

You may have lots of reasons to admire the Postal Service, but the Houston Chronicle recently focused on eight.

The newspaper posted an online slide show this week to illustrate “8 reasons to really love the U.S. Postal Service.”

The slides highlight the role of mail delivery in the nation’s history, including Benjamin Franklin, the first Postmaster General, and the Pony Express.

Other slides focus on the Postal Service’s size and scope, including its workforce (more than 600,000 employees) and civilian fleet (more than 210,000 vehicles).

The Chronicle also notes that sending a letter costs the same, no matter where it’s headed.

The newspaper’s post even features praise from HBO’s “Real Talk” host Bill Maher, who describes USPS as “the people who, when I put a … stamp on a letter to my sister in San Francisco, get it to her in New York in two days.”