Cheerful deliveries

Letter Carrier Steve Walsh, right, talks with customers at the recent Dane County Fair in Madison, WI.

The Postal Service is making it easier for customers to send care packages to loved ones who serve in the armed forces by distributing free military kits — or “mili-kits” — at community events across the nation.

For example, employees from the Madison, WI, Post Office recently distributed more than 100 kits at the Dane County Fair.

Each kit has information about the best way to ship and mail care packages to service members.

The kits were a hit with fairgoers, according to Customer Relations Coordinator Bob Sheehan.

“The word is getting out about how simple and cost effective it is to stay in touch with family members and friends in the service, whether stationed overseas or in the USA,” Sheehan said.

“As we give the kits away, people would say things like, ‘We used these last year.’ And, ‘I have nine cousins stationed all over, so these will get used.’ Next year, we intend to order and distribute more.”