Post scripts

San Diego Letter Carrier Nancy Grano, right, reads Postal Posts with her wife Kathy Shade and pet Doodle-Bug.

Postal Service employees have several ways to get news about USPS, including Link mobile and the Area Update newsletters.

There’s also Postal Posts, a blog that features articles written by employees across the nation.

Postal Posts, which is geared toward employees and customers alike, addresses a variety of topics, including new stamps and package preparation tips.

“The Postal Service’s blog site is so refreshing,” said San Diego Letter Carrier Nancy Grano. “It provides visitors with such a diverse range of topics, including the work I do. It’s such a great way to show the public what we do best.”

As the holidays approach, the blog’s editors are planning posts about stamps, mailing deadlines and how to keep your packages safe, among other topics.