Letters to the law

Michael McGee, an Omaha police captain, and his wife Kathleen McCallister, who has started a letter-writing campaign to support law enforcement. Image: Omaha World-Herald

A police officer’s wife in Omaha, NE, is encouraging people to mail letters of support to law enforcement officers and their families.

Kathleen McCallister, whose husband Michael McGee is a captain with the Omaha Police Department, organized the campaign in the wake of recent tensions between the police and the communities they patrol.

“The more positive interactions that officers have with the community, the stronger we will be,” McCallister told the local CBS station.

A North Carolina boy initiated a similar effort following the attack on Dallas police officers in July.

The Omaha campaign calls for letters to be mailed to Embrace Blue, a group within the Fraternal Order of Police Association. The group forwards the letters to the appropriate police department.

The Omaha World-Herald recently published excerpts from the letters, including one from McCallister and McGee’s daughter, Kelsey.

“The job of a blue family is always difficult,” she wrote. “There’s always the subtle feeling that today might be the last day I say goodbye to my father as he leaves for work. I’ve never been held captive by fear because of this, but nevertheless it’s a reality.”