Roll call

Logistics Specialist 2nd Class Christopher Younkin sorts mail aboard the USS Ross in 2014.

The Postal Service has offered recommended mailing dates for military service members who will cast ballots this fall.

The suggested mailing dates are posted on The recommendations are based on dates published by the Military Postal Service Agency.

Military personnel with Army Post Office (APO) or Fleet Post Office (FPO) addresses can now return absentee ballots via Priority Mail Express using Label 11-DOD.

“Waiver of Signature” and “Guaranteed by End of Day” endorsements are printed on the label, so ballots sent with Priority Mail Express are delivered on the day they arrive at the destination Post Office.

USPS works with the Federal Voting Assistance Program and the Military Postal Service to offer tracking of completed military ballots for active armed forces members that originate from APO or FPO addresses. This is part of a congressional requirement to expedite mail return on these ballots.

Additional information is available in the Sept. 20 news release, at and on Blue.