Good for business

Omaha, NE, Letter Carrier Andy Zimmerman gets ready to deliver packages during last year’s holiday season.

Improving customer service is good for the Postal Service’s bottom line, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Jim Cochrane told business leaders recently.

Industry data shows that on average, an organization’s most satisfied customers generate almost 2.5 times more revenue than customers who are unhappy.

Satisfied customers also cost less to serve and are more loyal, according to the research.

“We are an agency that competes against the private sector and every day has to deliver value,” Cochrane said at a conference organized by Forrester Research in Washington, DC. “Customer experience is the final frontier for us, and every interaction matters.”

The Postal Service has a strong foundation to build upon, Cochrane said, citing Forrester data that shows the organization delivers better customer service than almost any other government agency.

The #PostalProud initiative that began last year has sparked employees’ enthusiasm, he said.

The effort uses posters, stand-up talks, videos and other communications to emphasize the importance of delivering good service.

One poster that reminds carriers to handle packages carefully has proven particularly effective.

“That little poster has done a lot for us,” Cochrane said.