In retirement

USPS is retiring a change-of-address form because more home buyers and other customers are choosing to submit orders electronically.

Effective Sept. 29, the Postal Service is retiring a change-of-address form that has declined in popularity among customers.

PS Form 3575www, which is available on MoversGuide Online, is generated when customers use the site to submit a change-of-address order without providing a credit card for identity validation.

Although customers can print the form and submit it to USPS for processing, many customers fail to do so.

Among the 36.9 million change-of-address orders submitted during the previous fiscal year, less than 1 percent were submitted using Form 3575www.

Use of the form has decreased about 39 percent since 2014.

Postal Service leaders say the decrease suggests more people are choosing to submit their change-of-address orders electronically, which comprised 41 percent of all orders last year.