Recycling recognition

Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Director Craig Butler, left, presents the award to Walbridge, OH, Postmaster Kimberly Hazel-Myers, Northern Ohio District Recycling Coordinator Leo Brenot and Toledo Plant Manager Reginald Truss.

The Postal Service’s efforts to promote sustainability have been recognized by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

The Toledo Processing and Distribution Center’s recycling program was recently honored with one of the agency’s Encouraging Environmental Excellence Gold Awards.

The program generated $16,000 and reduced solid waste by 90 percent in less than six months.

The facility is part of Eastern Area’s Northern Ohio District, which has adopted a zero wasteapproach to recycling.

The district’s efforts include adding recycling containers to Post Office lobbies, training employees, reducing the pickup frequency and size of dumpsters, and working with Supply Management to negotiate recycling contracts.

These efforts align with the Postal Service’s National Recycling Operation, which aims to safeguard the environment while generating new business for USPS.