Follow the leader

Indianapolis Customer Services Supervisor Sharon Chandler takes a break in a supervisor training class in the Greater Indiana District.

Class is in session in Greater Indiana District as one popular course teaches students how to lead the postal workforce.

The district is currently hosting the New Supervisor Program, a 16-week development course that teaches newly-promoted supervisors management skills related to understanding, planning and organizing.

“I am learning so much, and I can’t wait to go back to the office and put it into action,” said 31-year postal veteran Sharon Chandler, who was acting supervisor at the Lawrence, IN, Post Office before the class began.

Since 2015, Greater Indiana District has graduated 105 supervisors from the program, which includes classroom instruction, web-based training and on-the-job development.

Rena Phillips, a supervisor in Akron, OH, is enjoying the experience.

“I was converted to supervisor just after a class had finished, so rather than wait for the next class in Northern Ohio, I came to Indianapolis for the training,” she said. “It’s good to get another perspective.”

The New Supervisor Program has produced more than 3,200 graduates since the Postal Service introduced it last year.