Pony up

Elena Heer (L), daughter of Guernsey, WY, Clerk Jane Heer and Guernsey Postmaster Curt Artery (R) saddled up under the light of a full moon during a recent Pony Express re-enactment ride.

The Pony Express is part of postal lore, but to truly get a sense of what it was like to deliver mail by horseback in the Wild West, some people actually saddle up.

Guernsey, WY, Postmaster Curt Artery tells the latest edition of “Your Postal Podcast” about his recent re-enactment of the non-stop, Pony Express route from Sacramento, CA, to St. Joseph, MO.

Artery says he felt like one of the original Pony Express riders as he and other re-enactors rode overnight.

“All you have is the open prairie and the stars and the moon,” Artery says. “It was kind of an eerie feeling to know that somebody before you had passed this way.”

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