Respectfully yours

USPS has introduced Respectful Communication, an eight-hour course to help employees improve workplace conversations.

Figuring out what to say is as important as figuring out how to say it.

A new Learning Management System (LMS) course, Respectful Communication, is designed to help employees find the right words to improve their workplace interactions.

The eight-hour course covers topics such as recognizing the value of diplomacy and tact in difficult conversations, asking questions to help create positive conversation endings, and identifying and removing the roadblocks to effective communication.

Respectful Communication (course number 10025682) is a blended course that combines virtual learning and a facilitator-led discussion.

The course’s target audience is Executive and Administrative Schedule and Postal Career Executive Services employees.

The class is also designed to serve as a follow-up to leadership development programs, such as the New Supervisor Program, Management Essentials for Field Leaders or Postmaster Essentials.

The first Respectful Communication course is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 27, from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. CT.

LMS has the full course description and enrollment instructions.